A Look at LuHi Internships: Development Office

One way that LuHi helps students prepare for college and career is through a variety of in-school internships. These internship experiences allow students to work closely with the various offices that make up our school, such as admissions, marketing, and development. In today's blog post, we caught up with Joangela, who is our development office intern. She shared what she has been working on as we gear up for our biggest fundraising event of the year, the Bid For Kids Auction! Read on to see what Joangela has been working on this semester.

1. What led you to apply for an internship with the LuHi Development Office? I want to major in event planning in college and I aspire to work in the events industry one day. When I was told I would be directly working for one of LuHi's biggest annual fundraising events, Bid For Kids, I knew the internship was right up my alley and I should apply. I knew this internship would give me a behind-the-scenes look into a very successful event, similar to events I hope to plan one day. I am a very organized and have experience in fundraising events, which I knew I could bring those skills to the table with this internship.

2. Describe some of the tasks that you perform as part of this internship: Specifically for the Bid for Kids auction, I have been requesting donations from companies, organizing and filing incoming donations, stuffing auction invitations and making bows and signage for the auction prize baskets. For the development office, I have created our social media schedule and written email and text messages that get sent out parents.  

3. What are some lessons and/or skills that you have learned from your internship? This internship has taught me great time management skills, I have a to-do list and due dates, and get everything done during my internship period each day. I also have learned more about the logistics of a big event, like the timeline of everything getting done and all the little details that must be checked off during the process to make our event as successful as it can be. All of these event details interest me and make me excited to work in this industry after college.

4. Are you excited for Bid For Kids? What are you looking forward to the most? I am extremely excited for Bid for Kids this year! I have never been before, and this year I will be working the whole event! I am most looking forward to watching the live bidding. I think it will be so exciting to see people trying to out bid each other with their paddles to win the amazing prizes we have.

5. Does your internship end after Bid For Kids? What will you be doing in the spring? During the fall semester I am mostly focused on the Bid for Kids auction tasks. I am excited to continue this internship into the spring semester where I will be helping out with one of LuHi's big service events, Meal Packing. Although this internship is only one semester long, I was asked to stay for the spring and I cannot wait to continue working with the development office.

6. Why should a student apply for this internship in the future?
This internship is a great opportunity to try something new during the school day, and get more involved here at LuHi. If you are interested in anything related to events, service or fundraising, this is totally the internship for you. There are many different internship opportunities at LuHi, and they can be customized to fit your skills. This internship has given me great experience and skills I have put on my college applications and will use in college, and provided priceless insight into the events and fundraising industry.

7. Is there anything else that you want to share about your internship? I believe that when a great opportunity comes your way, you must take full advantage of it, and I am so glad I have done that with this internship. Everyday in school I look forward to Set 6 when I can go to my desk in the development office and get to work. This internship allows me to further my passion in the events industry and makes me excited to have this experience and skills that I will hold with my for the rest of my life. This internship has provided me with invaluable connections with people I will keep in touch with even after I graduate LuHi. My time at LuHi may be over soon, but I can truly say this is one of the greatest things I have done at LuHi, and I wouldn't trade it for the world.
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