A Turkey-Less Thanksgiving!

Food, football, and family are my traditional Thanksgiving. I don’t come from an extensive family, so we don’t have your usual five-foot-long table filled with hundreds of different sides and entrees. I don’t mind the limited selection as long as I have my turkey, because who would want chicken on Thanksgiving? I know I certainly don’t, which is why I reacted so dramatically when my aunt broke the bad news that we were not going to have turkey on Thanksgiving. Due to our small family-size, we always had an abundance of turkey leftovers, which to my aunt, seemed unreasonable. This ‘turkey-free’ future wouldn’t fly so quickly with me. So, just like any regular 4th grader, I decided to propose a deal. If I could afford to buy the turkey, my aunt would cook and serve it on Thanksgiving. I needed to collect $20, which for an eight-year-old was a challenge --trying to find that much in a piggy bank full of quarters and dimes… Still, I was determined, and I succeeded. My aunt made a delicious turkey on Thanksgiving that everyone devoured. Nothing but compliments filled the air, and everyone was grateful for such a delicious turkey. Of course, I took credit for ‘saving’ Thanksgiving, but I was also proud of an accomplishment that made my family happy. Nevertheless, we never argued on whether or not to have a turkey for Thanksgiving ever again. 

 By: Jeanisha Prysock-Gonzalez '20
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