In the fall of 1998, I began my journey at LuHi. Rigorous academics, top-notch extracurriculars, and a transformative campus ministry program all made an incredibly positive impact on my life. Although more than twenty years have passed, these qualities are still the fabric of the LuHi experience. We are committed to educating young men and women in body, mind, and spirit. With this mission as our focus, I can say with confidence that LuHi graduates are prepared to be leaders who affect positive change in the world!

I am so pleased you have decided to visit our website, and hope this page serves as an exciting introduction to our unique school community. After learning more about LuHi, I encourage you to schedule a visit with us. Pictures alone can not do our beautiful campus justice, and words can not fully describe the kind and caring aura in the hallways and classrooms. I am confident that you will come away impressed.

It is an exciting time in our school's history! LuHi's Board of Directors approved a five year strategic plan, "Shine", in February of 2020. One of the goals of this work is to develop a comprehensive campus master plan. This plan will create a vision for our 32 acres of buildings and grounds in Brookville. It will serve as a guide as we transform learning spaces and develop a welcoming, attractive, safe, and sustainable campus.

This year, LuHi is celebrating its 60th anniversary. As we reflect on our history and look toward the future, we lean into our core values of Christian Love, Excellence, Community, and Family. Our theme for the 2021-22 school year is "
Rooted to Grow”, inspired by 1 John 4:17. It is important to remember that we are all created by God and are designed to live in unity. While it can be natural to focus on the division in our world today, LuHi is choosing to celebrate each community member's unique strengths that together make up the LuHi Family. Our students consistently impress visitors with their smiles, kind gestures, and positive spirit. I am confident that when they graduate, they are academically, socially, and spiritually prepared to make a positive difference in the world.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to learn more about our special school. I am confident that as you explore, you will see that there is truly no place like LuHi.
    • John Buck

      Head of School

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Long Island Lutheran Middle & High School is a Christ-centered, college-preparatory school whose mission is to glorify God by educating young people in body, mind, and spirit.