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LuHi commissioned four paintings from the Center for Liturgical Art at Concordia University Nebraska that are visual expressions of the four core values of Long Island Lutheran Middle & High School: Christian Love, Community, Excellence, and Family.

While student experiences will differ during their years at LuHi, the paintings demonstrate core values that permeate the entire educational experience as students mature in body, mind, and spirit. The paintings are on display in the Hahn Center.

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  • Christian Love

    LuHi operates in Christian love. We love God with our whole heart and want to share His love. We also love our neighbors as ourselves.
  • Community

    LuHi learns in an engaging, rigorous, and supportive community. The love of Christ is shared within the school, local, and global communities.
  • Excellence

    LuHi reaches for excellence without excuse. Each student, knowing that God has personally equipped them, shines with bright hope for the future.
  • Family

    LuHi is a family. We connect, protect, listen, respond, and respect. Our diverse student body, with individual varied gifts and talents, grows together having been rooted in Christian faith.
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Long Island Lutheran Middle & High School is a Christ-centered, college-preparatory school whose mission is to glorify God by educating young people in body, mind, and spirit.