Middle School

Student Support

As stated in our vision statement, LuHi is dedicated to fostering the development of "compassionate, educated leaders for the future." An important aspect of this is our student support program.
All middle school students are assigned a guidance counselor that is dedicated to offering academic, social and emotional support to students. The counselor also serves as a liaison for both parents and teachers to ensure student success and helps students transition as they prepare for High School

In addition, middle school students are supported through a variety of programs:
  • Extra HelpTeachers offer extra help to students after school once a week.
  • College Day - An in-school program that provides 6th grade students with an opportunity to learn about the college process.
    Throughout the day students explore the college admissions process, research colleges, and create a mock college fair. This hands-on experience introduces students to important tools like Naviance and College Board. In addition to college exposure, this project also encourages the development of research skills, public speaking, cooperative learning, and school community.
  • Buddy ProgramEvery incoming Middle School student is matched up with a Middle School buddy. Their buddy will help them transition to our school and answer any questions they have about LuHi.
  • Peer TutorsStudents have the opportunity to receive peer tutoring from High School students during a study hall or after school.
  • Canteen ProgramAfter school supervision for middle school students who stay for extra help, sports, or others organized activities.
  • Career DayAll middle school students participate in our annual Career Day, where students learn about a variety of careers from parents and friends of the school.
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