AP Capstone Comes to LuHi

This past year, we announced that LuHi had been approved to offer AP Capstone. As part of the group of schools that have applied and been chosen, we are actively preparing to begin to offer this program starting September 2019. Mr. Kennedy, who will teach the courses, attended a one week intensive training at Fordham University in late July. I was able to sit down and talk with Mr. Kennedy to learn more about Capstone as we prepare to offer the first in the two-course sequence this September. From that conversation, the list of FAQs below has been developed. Please read on to learn more about a course sequence we are thrilled to roll out beginning this year!

What exactly is AP Capstone?
AP Capstone is one of the newest AP sequences offered by the College Board. It involves two courses: Seminar, which is typically taken during a student’s junior year, and Research, which is typically taken during a student’s senior year. The course is truly college prep in nature, as students walk away with key understandings and experiences in the research process as they collaboratively and individually research, write papers, and deliver presentations that prepare them for the rigors of college coursework. This year, LuHi joins the network of 1700 schools worldwide, offering Seminar (open to Juniors) this year. Next school year (2020-2021), we’ll offer both Seminar (Juniors) and Research (Seniors). 

LuHi already places emphasis on research practices. Why would AP Capstone be something to consider?
  • The great thing about courses like Seminar and Research is that students will have a full year to focus in on learning and then using, in a variety of ways, the skills of framing researching, finding reliable and valid sources, and then synthesizing information in order to present it coherently for papers, presentations, and discussions. Coupled with research emphasis in yearly position papers in English class, and research assignments throughout other coursework, students who complete the Capstone track stand to leave LuHi with a significant body of research work behind them! 
  • Additionally, students who take AP Capstone courses can be eligible for the AP Capstone Diploma or Certificate. To meet the requirements for an AP Capstone Diploma, students must score a 3 or higher on at least 4 AP exams (can be any 4), PLUS a 3 or higher in Seminar and Research. For an AP Capstone Certificate, students take 4 AP exams PLUS Seminar and Research, with no stipulation on score minimum.
  • Finally, when applying for college using the Common Application, there is a checkbox where students can indicate their participation in AP Capstone courses. Mr. Kennedy learned this summer that this actually serves as a filter for colleges as they consider applications, possibly leading to more opportunities to qualify for Honors programs, for example.
What qualities would make me/my child a good candidate for AP Capstone?
We see this course sequence as valuable for all students, as shared above in the first bullet under our second question! However, a few other markers might be helpful as you consider requesting AP Capstone courses:
  • A student who plans to take at least 4 AP courses in high school should definitely consider the Capstone sequence. 
  • A student who takes AP World History in 10th grade should consider planning for the Capstone sequence.
  • A student who is recommended for and enrolls in AP English Language should consider taking the Capstone sequence. The College Board reports greater performance on the AP assessment for Seminar when a students is also taking AP English Language. In fact, Mr. Kennedy and Mrs. Grene, who teaches AP English Language, have already begun to plan for the ways in which their courses will align this year. 
  • Any student who is interested in spending time engaging in valuable research work should absolutely consider the AP Capstone sequence, regardless of whether or not he or she will be eligible for the AP Capstone certificate. 
How can I get involved? 
If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to your Guidance counselor upon their return to the offices on August 19. In the meantime, you can reach out to the LuHi Guidance office at 516-626-1700 x535. Your counselor will be able to support your family in exploring the possibility of enrolling in the AP Capstone sequence beginning this year with Seminar. Please be reminded that this year’s course is open only to Juniors (class of 2021). 

By: Jessica Raba - 8/7/19
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