Athletic Trainer Comes Home to LuHi

Mr. Tim Prohinsie, a LuHi graduate from the class of 1989, recently began his first year as LuHi's athletic trainer. Tim earned a bachelor's degree in exercise physiology from Central Connecticut State and a master's degree in advanced athletic training from Long Island University.   Tim was the head athletic trainer at Nassau Community College for 19 years, and spent most summers as the head athletic trainer at the lacrosse camp at the United States Naval Academy.  In today's post, Tim shares a little more about himself, his memories of LuHi, and his role here as athletic trainer. 

Share how you ended up back home at LuHi!
I was looking for a part time job last year.  I came in as a temporary fill in.  When the opportunity came up, I jumped at the chance to come back here.  LuHi has always held a special place in my heart.  So when they offered the permanent position, I was ecstatic.   
What do you enjoy about being an athletic trainer? 
I became an athletic trainer to help people.  The greatest part of being the trainer is the relationships and friendships that you get to build with athletes, parents, faculty and staff. I have become a part of this community and it is great to feel welcome and that I belong.  As the athletic trainer, people trust me with the health care of the athletes and that's a responsibility that I take seriously.  It is also really cool to be at all of the practices and games cheering on our Crusaders.   
What is the best part about working with our teams and athletes?
The LuHi family is something that the people here more than just talk about... They live it.  LuHi is different than any other place that I have been.  The student-athletes here are the best people that I have worked with.  Even other small schools in this area are not as close as this student body and faculty/staff.  It's not easy to describe, but the LuHi family is strong.   
A piece of advice for LuHi athletes:
One thing that I have noticed with our athletes this year is that we don't hydrate enough and proper nutrition for the athlete is not where it should be.  We need to do a better job educating our student-athletes on eating to compete as well as drinking enough water.  These steps will prevent injuries such as muscle strains, cramping, soreness, and help the body to recover from activity better.     
Favorite LuHi memory as a student:
When I attended LuHi, before training camp started we would meet at the school and work out on the football field to get ready for the season.  I remember the summer before my senior year, our coach lived in the mansion and we would come up to LuHi to run and work out.  Then we would go bother coach so that we could go in the pool (I don't know if we were allowed to, that's why we always told our coach). 
Tell us about your family:
I've been married to my wife Karen for almost 15 years.  We have two sons: Nick is 11 and Brian is 6
What do you like to do in your free time?
I play guitar and sing in the contemporary band at my church. My sons and I train in southern style Chinese Kung Fu. I take my boys fishing as often as possible. 
Our theme for the school year is Light. How do you use your position as athletic trainer to share Light with the LuHi community?
I was brought up a Lutheran myself.  My position as the athletic trainer gives me to opportunity to have contact with many people.  I like to rely on my constant positive attitude and personality to share my faith and be a beacon of light to the people around me.  I have learned that you don't know the effect that have on the people around you.  So I am always positive and it can be contagious. 
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