Dr. Rudder Jenkins

LuHi Role: Teacher (Social Studies), joined the LuHi faculty in January 2021

Education: Liberty University (2007), B.S. Religion; Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary (2013), M.A. Church History & M. A. Theology (Magna Cum Laude); The School of Oriental and African Studies (2020), University of London, PhD in Histories, Religions, and Philosophies 

Other professional experience: Before LuHi, I spent the last several years pursuing my PhD and working as a golf caddie in Scotland.

What I love about my role: I cherish the community feel and the freedom to mold my classes in different directions.

Hobbies: Golf, Travel, Food

Family: I have a wife (Jennifer), a son (Eli) who is almost 2, and our dog (Jara)

What I love about LuHi: The interaction between students and faculty is really unique.