Mrs. Janet Mullen

LuHi Role: School Counselor, joined the LuHi staff in 2014.

Education: Green Mountain College (2000), BA in Behavioral Science;  LIU-Post (2011), Master of Science in School Counseling 

Why I love my role: I love counseling students. The best part is watching them grow throughout their high school career. Every single student matures during this pivotal period in their lives. My goal is to help guide each student by supporting them through their struggles and lifting them up to help reach their goals.

Hobbies: Reading historical fiction novels and just literary fiction in general. I read constantly in the summer, usually reading at least one novel a week. Another hobby is gardening – I grow vegetables every summer. I live near the beach and go almost every day in summer. I also enjoy snowboarding, I spent my undergraduate years going to Killington several times a week. My kids were both put on skiis at the age of two or three.

Family: I have been married to my husband Will for twenty years. He is a Physician Assistant with a Master in Public Health. He now works in medical research, in the addiction treatment space. He travels all over the country working with government, hospitals and jail systems to create policy and improve treatment. I have two children, Matty and Olivia.We have a cat named Phoebe, who is beloved by all. 

What I love about LuHi: LuHi is a special school, and with smaller case loads than average I can get to know each student individually. I also feel really lucky to work with a great little team in Guidance. We work really well together. We truly care about the students and each other.