Ms. Makeda Grange ’01

LuHi Role: Director of Long Island Boarding, joined the LuHi staff in 2018

Education: University of New Haven (2005), Legal Studies

What I love about my role: I love the diversity within my program, where I am able to work with people internationally and assist with integrating into the American culture. I enjoy seeing the students progress with their language skills, daily living skills, and their overall ability to adapt and embrace the culture.

Other professional experience: I worked for F.R.E.E, a non profit organization that assist individuals with physical and mental disabilities. I was a manager of a group home that housed these individuals.

Hobbies: Traveling, reading, and arts & crafts

What I love most about LuHi: As an alum, I’m able to share my experiences which help me to relate to the students. I feel at home.