Explore a Language: The World Needs You!

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Explore a Language: The World Needs You! is the theme for National Foreign Language Week 2020. National Foreign Language Week was first started in 1957. Around the nation, schools celebrate this week - here are the many ways we celebrate at LuHi:
  • Sra. Oyarce and the LuHi chapter of the National World Languages Honor Society sell Pulsera Project bracelets. These colorful hand woven bracelets are crafted by artisans in Central America. All proceeds from these bracelets directly support these artists and their families.
  • Students wear pins with slogans in French and Spanish.
  • Students participate in special activities. For example, Ms. Calimopulos and Sra. Browning host a fondue and piraguas party for the middle schoolers.
  • Both French and Spanish language prayers are incorporated into chapel.
  • Students pray in different languages during the morning announcements.
  • Finally, students participate in the Long Island Language Teachers annual poster contest.  The finalists from LuHi are sent to the "All Long Island" competition level.  The results for the "All Long Island" competition are normally announced in May - stay tuned!
By: Mrs. Amber Browning - 3/11/2020  

Long Island Language Teachers Poster Contest - LuHi winners

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