Faculty Summer Updates Part 1

Each summer, LuHi’s faculty members pursue many interesting endeavors both locally and beyond. Let’s check in with some of our teachers to see what they are up to!

Dan Kielbasa (High School US History
) - Mr. K is one month into his summer season as an Interpretive Park Ranger at Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park. He leads a variety of Ranger programs for visitors to teach them about the park’s resources and history, especially information about Yellowstone’s unique thermal features. On his weekends he has been hiking, spotting wildlife and wildflowers, reading, and learning to fly-fish. 

Joanne Zuclich (World Language) -
 Madame Zuclich is exploring the beautiful country of Portugal this summer! According to Madame, Lisbon is "a beautiful city with friendly people, great food, interesting sites, and low prices!"

Derek Klein (Middle and High School Physical Education/Assistant Varsity Basketball Coach
) - The big news for Mr. Klein this summer is his wedding! This past weekend, Mr. Klein and his fiancé  Heather were married in Long Beach. In addition, Mr. Klein is co-directing the LuHi Summer Programs Boys Basketball Camp during sessions 2, 3, and 4, and working with Ms. Raiti on his youth sports organization (see below)!

Christina Raiti (Assistant Athletic Director/Varsity Basketball Assistant Coach) - For Ms. Raiti, this summer will be a summer filled with sports! She is the director of LuHi Summer Programs Session 1 and Session 4 Girls Elite Basketball camp.  In addition, Ms. Raiti, along with Mr. Klein,  recently started her own youth sports organization, Empire Youth Athletics.  They will be running Basketball Mini-Camps at LuHi all summer long as well as Soccer and Lacrosse clinics in various towns on Long Island!

Ben Raisher (High School Physics) - 
Mr. Raisher and his wife are spending their summer preparing for their upcoming family expansion! He is excited to share his happy news via this photo!
Are you excited yet? The 2019-2020 school year is only a few short weeks away! We can't wait to welcome our students and families back to campus for another year of top-notch academics, spiritual development, and athletics - and lots of fun along the way, too!

By: Kara Martone - 8/14/19
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