Introducing Coach Ryland Huyghue

LuHi is excited to welcome Ryland Huyghue to the LuHi coaching family! Coach Huyghue will serve as head coach for our Girls Varsity Lacrosse team this year. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to LuHi. He looks forward to both working with LuHi's current team as they start practices for the 2020 season next week, and also helping the program grow and thrive in the years to come.

Coach Huyghue has been involved in the sport of lacrosse for many years. Since 1982, he spearheaded the development of lacrosse in California, where he was a five-time MVP player of Orange County Lacrosse Club. The team also won four state club championships, and for fourteen straight years he was an all-star club lacrosse player. He was elected as the president of the California Lacrosse Association for twelve years and served as president of the Malibu Lacrosse Club for thirteen years.

In 2009, Coach Huyghue served as the head lacrosse coach for Cal State Fullerton, where in one season he took the team from losing every game the previous season, to a much improved above .500 season. Coach Huyghue coached and produced five All-American lacrosse players, three of which were Academic All-Americans as well.

As a leader in the sport of lacrosse, Coach Huyghue has been responsible for the partnership of the lacrosse community and the International Diversity Lacrosse Council for over seven years. As the CEO and Founder of IDLC, he is committed to increasing the education, exposure, experience and participation of everyone in all levels of lacrosse throughout the world. Coach Huyghue is also a Top 25 Poll Administrator for the Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association, where he is responsible for the weekly ranking selections of the Top 25 ranked teams across the country.

Coach Huyghue shared a little more about himself in the questions below:

What are you looking forward to about coaching at LuHi?
I’m looking forward to the challenge of coaching a girls program for the first time. I’ve trained many girls from youth, high school, and college. This will be the first girls team, which I’m very excited about. 
What is your personal coaching philosophy?
My coaching philosophy is pretty basic: To create a environment that encourages athletes to learn and develop on and off the playing field, and to create a positive learning environment in good and bad times. I am a coach because of my passion for my work. I am able to foster the growth of my players through the numerous opportunities I am fortunate to provide. I will mold a group of athletes to communicate, to be responsible and to hold themselves accountable. I believe in nurturing their dreams to be the best on and off the field. 
What are your goals for the season - for the team as a whole, and for the players individually?
My goal for the season is to end up undefeated as champions. My overall goal is to have this program be nationally ranked in the next couple years. As for the team, my goal is to provide them the best experience they can possibly have. Giving them something they can look back on and say, "Wow! That was the best team I ever played on." When it comes to individual players, my goal is for each of them to elevate their game to a level they never expected could happen and, most importantly, have fun doing it.
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