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Thank you for visiting our new courses page. The classes listed below are coming soon pending student interest. If you are interested in enrolling in one of the classes listed, please take a moment and join our course waitlist. We will notify you once the class is set to run. 

Broadway Now!

Broadway Now! is a musical theater program specifically designed for middle-school and high-school students. This course creates a gateway into the American Musical world, one of the few art forms that is incredibly unique to the United States and integral to its mainstream culture. Using sections of classic Broadway musicals such as Hamilton, In the Heights, The Sound of Music, Mean Girls, Natasha Pierre, and Hairspray, with live music from a trained accompanist. The program covers the components of acting, singing, and dancing. 

Digital Filmmaking

Digital Filmmaking is a course open to all types of artists and performers, regardless of level of experience or knowledge. We aim to introduce participants to the basic concepts of the camera, frame, and film performance while stimulating the “visual storyteller” in all of us. We will explore various samples from films (silent movie, black & white, animated, modern) and, using these films as inspiration, create films of our own. Students will learn how to write, shoot, and edit their content, becoming skilled in the filmmaking process from ideation to the final piece.

Sewing Fundamentals

Sewing Fundamentals is designed to introduce students to fundamental sewing techniques through the lens of the fashion industry. Students will learn to operate a sewing machine, learn to execute different seam and hem finishes, learn about fabric theory, and learn to cut and sew patterns through approachable and fun sewing projects. This course will give students a taste of what the fashion industry has to offer, or pick up a new hobby!

How Music Helps: Self, Others, and In Action

Block 1 is designed to introduce students to music in health and provide musical experiences that foster exploration of how music can help ourselves. Students will learn about the four ways engagement can occur in music-making (ie: “Four Methods of Music”) and participate in experiementals that apply these concepts to music-making. Students will begin addressing the social/emotional benefits of music as they relate music therapy course content to their own personal passion for music.

Intro to Theatre

Theatre has been used all around the world to bring joy and provide an escape for those who seek it. Intro to Theatre is built to be an extraordinary opportunity for students to come together in a safe space and learn skills to help them discover a love and passion for theatre. Our goal is to encourage students to form friendships while simultaneously learning basic to advanced skills that prepare them for a future in theatre arts. Not only will students be learning, but they will be encouraged to let loose, have fun and find a connection to the arts through theatre.

Jazz Arts Program

The essential element in jazz, making it unique in the world of music, is improvisation. Jazz musicians have developed the skill of improvising into a “High Art” form. From Luis Armstrong to Miles Davis and many others, jazz is one of the only original American art forms. The Jazz Arts Program at the LuHi Arts Academy is looking for students with an “ear” for jazz. This course aims for the young musician to use the tools involved in jazz improvisation and develop the skills necessary to construct a coherent, thoughtful, exciting solo. Through this course, students are able to build their musical talents and fully experience the unique beauty of jazz music.

*Audition required to be eligible for course. Please see the link below to view the requirements for video submission. Videos should be shared via Google Drive or emailed to

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