Meet our Student Body President

Gaurav has been a member of the LuHi family since September 2013, when he entered LuHi as a 6th grader. Over the years, he has been involved in many LuHi activities. He is a HART (Helping and Reaching Teens) member, a member of the Boys Varsity Soccer Team, and also participates in Mathletes. He currently serves as the Student Body President. Let’s get to know President Gaurav a little better!
  1. He had a very unique internship this summer - Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk the entirety of Manhattan - from 218th Street all the way down to Water Street, leaving no street unwalked? Well, that was exactly what Gaurav did this summer as part of a market research internship for a supply company. Along the way, he stopped in as many businesses as possible to find out where they get their office, janitorial, or food disposable supplies. According to Gaurav, “On my journeys I’ve seen parts of the city no one talks about, and one morning even got to meet my absolute favorite baseball player of all-time AARON JUDGE! It’s been one of the best experiences of my life and I would surely do it again.”
  2. He has a hard time picking his favorite LuHi experience - When asked about his favorite memory of his time at LuHi, Gaurav had a hard time picking just one. He finally narrowed it down to the Dude Ranch trip in 8th grade, the Boys Varsity Soccer Homecoming Games under the lights, the Christmas Spectacular, and the Genghis Khan trial simulation from AP World History.
  3. He has some advice for our new students - As a HART member, Gaurav is part of the student committee that welcomes new students to LuHi each year. To ease the transition for new students, he recommends the following:
  • "Get lost early, so you don’t get lost again” - while LuHi is not a huge school, make it a point to find your way around on the first few days so you know how to navigate its halls and stairways.
  • See your teachers as more than just teachers - LuHi teachers are also coaches, mentors, and co-curricular advisors, and can be a great support system to students as they journey through middle and high school.
  • Find ways to get involved with all that LuHi has to offer -  Clubs, sports, musicals, service trips, Crusader Nation...the list goes on and on! Getting involved outside the classroom is a great way to strengthen your LuHi experience. 
  1. He can’t wait for Reindeer Games! Reindeer Games is a brand new tradition that started during the 18-19 school year. Each grade sends representatives to compete in festive, holiday-themed events such as a Gingerbread House Building Contest and Christmas-themed "Name that Tune". Gaurav can’t wait to make this year’s event even better, and hopefully win some bragging rights for the class of 2020!
  2. He has a message to share with the entire student body - President Gaurav has one favor to ask of all LuHi students: “Read your emails!” He plans to survey the student body frequently so that everyone has a chance to weigh in on events. Check your email, answer his surveys, and have your voice heard!

Our Student Body President wants 2019-2020 to be the best school year ever at LuHi. Thank you, Gaurav, for introducing yourself to the LuHi community.
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