My Most Meaningful Thanksgiving

My most meaningful Thanksgiving was on November 22, 2018. There are so  many reasons why this one was the most special. It all started on Thanksgiving Eve;  my mom came up to my brothers and me saying that we were going to have some company joining us on Thanksgiving. We all were curious about who it was, so we asked, and my mom said her coworker named Alissa. We knew that Mrs. Alissa had a huge family and therefore my brothers and I were a little mad, mainly because we thought there was not going to be enough food to share- we wanted it all to ourselves. 

Thanksgiving came, and we were watching my Grandmother and my mom cooking 
dinner and it did not look like there would be enough to share. Five hours later we were still waiting for the family to come and my brothers and I were starving. Once the family came it was like a football team, there were so many kids. One thing we noticed was that the family brought lots food with them- we were not expecting that. The food was amazing; we had pumpkin and apple pie, mashed potatoes, rice, fruits, and, of course, turkey. Overall, we had a great experience. We bonded great with the kids. That 
Thanksgiving was a great, meaningful experience, mainly because I learned a great lesson - to never judge a book by it’s cover and to be nice. 

By: Tyler Thelusca '22
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