Staying Together While Apart

Exactly two months after LuHi began online learning, teachers returned to the LuHi campus to line up along the school parking lots to create a “Honk and Wave” parade for students and families. 
Administration, faculty, and staff, some with families and dogs in tow, arrived on campus early on May 16. They were decked out in school colors and LuHi spirit wear as well as masks or face coverings while staying within their car's "zone" from the front bumper to back to remain socially distant. 

Cars were decorated, welcome signs were ready as students and families soon arrived with horns beeping, cars decorated, and thank you signs sharing their love for LuHi and teachers. The parade began with middle school families and concluded with the senior class. Before seniors drove away, they were handed their cap and gown and received a warm welcome from the Alumni Association as these seniors will soon join the ranks of 5,300 connected, compassionate, educated LuHi Alumni.

While currently staying connected virtually for the education and well-being of the students, what makes LuHi so special is the relationships that are built throughout a student’s time at LuHi. As principal Jessica Raba said after the parade, “Being together, in our community, brings hope. Our school is a special place. We can pray with our students during this challenging time (and any challenging or joyful or grief-filled time); we can express our love for our students; we can bring together families from over 60 different Long Island districts; we can, together and with the help of God, do so much to shape the lives of young people (and their families, too).”  All of those feelings and emotions showed in photos and video taken, smiles and laughs shared, and even tears shed...all while social distancing.

Click here to see pictures from the parade.
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