LuHi 6th Grade Students Celebrate College Day

Our annual College Day with the 6th grade was a really fun day and a great success.
After learning about the college admissions process and researching colleges, the students were tasked to become admissions representatives for their assigned college. They worked hard creating visual presentations that later transformed LuHi's Visscher Gym into a mock college fair!  Our 6th grade "college representatives" did a great job providing information to our high school students and faculty members who toured through the fair!  We are so proud of the entire 6th grade for their hard work and enthusiasm! Check out our Facebook post for more photos!

College Day is just the beginning of the college process for our LuHi students. See below for what you can expect in upcoming years:
Middle School:
Our Middle School counselor, Mrs. Kelly Walters, works with students on goal-setting to prepare for high school - both academically and emotionally/socially. Focus classes in 6th and 7th grade work on “soft” skills that will benefit students in high school and beyond. In addition, students are encouraged to grow and mature in the following ways:
  • 6th grade gradually builds independence throughout the school year and students become responsible for their learning and achievement.
  • By 7th grade, students are more independent, switching classes and teachers and taking responsibility for work in each class. 
  • By 8th grade, students are engaged in intentional high school preparation, and are held to higher standards of responsibility. They are also leaders in things like student government, co-curriculars, and athletics.
High School:
9th Grade 
A Freshman Seminar class teaches students how to make the most of their high school experience, taking a deep dive into the importance of earning credits, developing a transcript, and why they need to be involved, to try their best, and get extra help. Parents attend Freshman Parent Night, which gives them insight into how their student can (and should) utilize all available LuHi resources. 

10th Grade
Students are introduced to Naviance, a college and career readiness platform. They participate in Career Day and begin to explore colleges. Parents attend Sophomore Parent Night, which covers items related to high school success, encouraging independence, starting conversations about college and college visits, beginning to explore career ideas and summer plans, and introducing them to the Naviance platform.

11th Grade
Students and parents join counselors for a Junior Conference to cover the entire college process and timeline, and families are given a college binder to help keep track of pertinent information and reminders. Parents attend Junior Parent Night, which reviews the college process and families hear from a panel of current seniors and their parents to discuss their advice and recommendations for getting started in the college process.

12th Grade
Counselors meet individually with each senior regularly to check on the status of their post-high school plans, assist with completing college and scholarships applications, and foster communication with college representatives. Parents attend Senior Parent Night & Financial Aid Night, which reviews the college process, expectations, and deadlines, and provides an overview of the financial aid process as it applies to college, detailing the differences between grants, loans and scholarships.
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