Parent Perspective: Angela Abend

We are thrilled to welcome long-time LuHi parent, Mrs. Angela Abend, to the blog today! Parents have a unique perspective on the LuHi experience, and we believe the blog platform is a perfect way to learn more from our families. Without further adieu, we introduce Mrs. Abend!

Fourteen consecutive years at LuHi have come to an end for the Abend family. I now worry about a maternal reaction when the Land’s End catalog arrives in the summer mail and I have no uniforms to order for September. This feeling will more vividly repeat itself when I do not have to go to the local public school to pick up textbooks or to wait for the bus company call that tells of the dreaded hour my son will be picked up each morning for school.

Kidding aside, my greatest feeling for our collective LuHi experience is one of tremendous GRATITUDE. As one son graduated, the second started, and he graduated this past June. For my children, LuHi was there as they each grew and developed into responsible young men and became fine representatives of the greater LuHi community. Both sons are quite different, and yet, LuHi was able to address their individual needs in a caring and supportive manner. The school's culture of family is authentic, and a stimulating, well-rounded curriculum is consistently offered. As a parent, teachers and the administration are always just a phone call away. I am forever grateful that we found LuHi and that LuHi was a special part of all of our lives.

A graduate of Lehigh University, Andrew is now working as a full-time engineer and living in New York City, while continuing his graduate studies at Columbia University. Matthew will be off to Molloy College (my alma mater) in September, where he will be studying both psychology and music. In addition to academic, community service, and e-sports scholarships received from Molloy, Matthew hopes to perform in musical ensemble groups while living on campus. 

The accomplishments of both of my "boys" can, undoubtedly, be traced back to their time spent at LuHi. We are truly grateful for all that was given to them during their invaluable time there.

Thank you, Mrs. Abend, for sharing your family's LuHi story. Would you like to share your LuHi experience in a future blog post? Email our Director of Technology, Kara Martone (, to get started!
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