Parent/Teacher Conference Tips

‘Tis the season! Parent-teacher conferences are around the corner. These short meetings provide a terrific opportunity to further develop the partnership between home and school. Since the meetings are brief, and you’ll be meeting with multiple teachers, allow us to offer you some tips to make the most of your time with your child’s teachers.

  • Review your child’s report card with your child, in advance. Take this opportunity to learn your child’s perspective on each class, as they are the experts. They live their schedule each day. This conversation can provide a window into your child’s performance. Ask them, are you pleased with your performance? Why or why not? You may also ask, Do you feel you are doing your best? Why or why not? Additionally, you may discuss, if they are not doing their best, what they feel the can change and what supports might be necessary. This conversation will help focus the time with your child’s teachers.
  • Consider goal-setting as part of the conversation. What are you hoping to see in your child’s performance in each course? What role can your child play in attaining these goals? How can the teacher be of assistance? These goals, when shared with your child’s teacher, can help all involved better partner for optimal achievement. 
  • Compile a list of questions, and prioritize them. Our conferences are limited to ten minutes, so it’s helpful to come prepared. Based on your conversations and goal setting, questions will naturally evolve. We recommend bringing the questions with you so that it can focus your brief conference.
We look forward to seeing you on campus on Thursday, 11/21, Tuesday, 11/26, or Wednesday, 11/27. Thank you, as always, for partnering with LuHi in your child’s journey.
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