Preparing for College

It's College Week here at LuHi! This week-long celebration is just one way that our Guidance department works with our students on the college process throughout their LuHi career. In fact, as early as 6th grade, our students begin researching colleges and learning what it takes to get accepted to a great school! Our co-directors of Guidance, Mrs. Kelly Walters and Mrs. Kim Kuck, share below how we prepare our students for success after LuHi.

Middle School

6th grade - Students in 6th grade participate in a full day in-school college exploration program called College Day. College Day is a fun and exciting opportunity for 6th grade students to have a hands-on experience exploring colleges and the college admissions process. Through this program, they become familiar with admissions requirements and gain perspective and understanding of the different opportunities that colleges offer. They are also introduced to important tools like Naviance and the College Board. In addition to college exposure, this project encourages the development of research skills, public speaking, cooperative learning, and school community.

7th grade and 8th grade -  An important part of the college process is career exploration.  Familiarizing students with different career options can help them to focus their college search down the road. Career Day is an opportunity for our 7th and 8th graders to hear from professionals in a variety of different career fields.  Participants share with students their career journey including the education/training required, what a typical day is like, things they like or dislike about the job, and advice for students interested in their career field. 

High School

For our HS students, Counselors host College Night in late winter, where we invite admissions representatives from 8-10 colleges/universities for a panel discussion on admissions procedures, expectations, and advice. College Night is open to all students and families in grades 9 -12.

In addition to College Night, the counselors offer serveral programs for students at various intervals throughout their high school career:

9th grade
  • Counselors host 9th Grade Parent Night in the fall, which covers the same topics we discuss with the students, as well as retreat information.
  • Counselors push into Freshman Focus classes to speak about what it means to be in high school, earning credits, developing a transcript, the importance of getting involved, trying their best, attending extra help, utilizing resources (counselors, teachers, ministry team, etc.).
10th grade
  • Counselors push into 10th grade classes to review PSAT results and introduce students to Naviance. Students work on interest inventories and explore colleges.
  • Counselors host 10th Grade Parent Night in the spring, which covers items related to high school success, encouraging independence, starting conversations about college and college visits, begin to explore career ideas and summer plans, and introduce parents to Naviance.
11th grade
  • Counselors meet individually with each student and their parents/guardians during the school day for a Junior Conference. At this meeting, the entire college process and timeline is covered. In addition, families receive a “College Binder”, with pertinent information to review at home, reminders of information covered in the meeting, and are encouraged to use the binder as a place to organize other college information.
  • Counselors host 11th Grade Parent Night in the winter, which reiterates the college process that was covered in the individual Junior Conferences. A panel, consisting of current seniors as well as a current senior parent, offers advice and recommendations for getting started in the college process.
12th grade
  • Counselors host 12th Grade Parent Night/Financial Aid Night in early fall, where we review the college process, expectations, and deadlines. There is a speaker who gives an overview of the financial aid process as it applies to college, detailing the differences between grants, loans and scholarships. In addition, pertinent financial aid vocabulary is discussed and helpful advice is given.
  • Counselors support the seniors throughout the entirety of the college application and decision process. They are always available to the students, and help them meet deadlines, submit strong applications, and narrow down their choices until they select the school that is the best fit for them.
The LuHi Community works hard to prepare our students for success in life after high school - college, career, and beyond! In addition to our Guidance department, our Campus Ministry, Academic, Athletic, and Co-Curricular teams all work together to, as our vision statement says, "develop compassionate and education leaders for the future."
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