Students Lead Courses During Beyond Boundaries

It is Beyond Boundaries week here at LuHi, and our students are engaged in a wide variety of courses. This year, LuHi students are teaching Beyond Boundaries courses in record numbers. 15 students are sharing their expertise and passions, teaching everything from Taekwondo to Cooking to Event Planning.

According to Mrs. Jessica Raba, LuHi's principal, the first student-led course launched in 2018, when a student proposed a course in special-effects makeup. The student was willing to pilot a student-led course, and after a successful Beyond Boundaries week, more students expressed interest in teaching their own courses. Mrs. Raba shared that there are many benefits to student-led courses:  
  1. it expands our offerings to include the interests and passion areas of our students, perhaps areas that our teachers would never have proposed;
  2. the class has the opportunity to learn from a peer, and perhaps become inspired to offer a course in the future. We saw this happen last year when two students were surprised to see Taekwondo offered, wishing they would have thought of it, and now this year, we are offering a Taekwondo course for both middle and high school!
  3. Students who plan and teach courses learn a bit about what it's like to be a teacher, what it takes to plan and prepare, what it takes to maintain student engagement in learning, and how to break down learning for students with little to no prior knowledge or background in the topic. The learning opportunities are so rich!
To hear more from our students about the experience of teaching a Beyond Boundaries course, check out our video below.

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