Teacher Appreciation Week 2020

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! Our LuHi teachers are just amazing. In today's blog post, we are sharing some sentiments from the school leadership team and department chairs about the incredible, dedicated, and talented professionals that educate our students in body, mind, and spirit every day. Be sure to check out the video below, as well. Thank you LuHi teachers - we love you!

"LuHi teachers are some of the most dedicated and caring that I have had the privilege to know in my career. As we have transitioned to this unexpected period of online learning, I have seen an incredible level of energy and enthusiasm, fueled by a love for students, desire to see students succeed and grow, and a love for their own course particulars. I thank God daily for our team and my life is that much better for knowing and working alongside each LuHi teacher!" - Mrs. Jessica Raba, Principal

"LuHi middle school teachers are multitasking, educational rock stars who live to inspire their students, and love to encourage! They are a blessing!" - Mrs. Laura Callahan, Middle School Principal

"Fantastique. ¡Buen hecho! The World Languages Department at LuHi strives for our students to identify as global citizens who demonstrate both communicative competence and cultural appreciation of the French and Spanish speaking world. Our teachers focus their lessons whether on-site or remotely on the guiding principle that comprehensible input drives language acquisition. Each teacher delivers content in her own unique style, yet with the common goal of creating life-long impassioned learners.  Merci and gracias to our devoted World Languages teachers." - Mrs. Amber Browning, World Languages Department chair

"The teachers in the Health / PE department strive for optimal health in all students at LuHi, making sure they’re balanced in mind, body and spirit! The teachers have been thinking of creative new ways to stay active during these times of online learning. These teachers continue making sure that our students are the best versions of themselves that they can be." - Mrs. Heather O'Leary, Health/PE Department chair

"All of our teachers in the Fine Arts Department are fully committed to growing our students to realize their potential in the performing arts. Our teachers convey their passion and knowledge for the arts by inspiring our students to always achieve their best. Since our time of online learning, the Fine Arts teachers have once again exceeded all expectations and continued to teach with enthusiasm, compassion, and understanding, while seamlessly transitioning to online instruction. Through their unwavering dedication to LuHi's mission, they have provided students an opportunity during this unprecedented time to explore their craft while learning and exploring new music and dance concepts via online learning." - Mr. John Rodis, Fine Arts Department Chair

"The Visual Arts Department is a true partnership. Bouncing ideas off each other and problem solving together results in a strong and dynamic program. A wide and varied knowledge of art materials, techniques and artists is required to teach the various classes offered, and each member of the department works to their strengths. Students are encouraged and supported by a team that believes that artistic expression allows them to grow in body, mind and spirit." - Mrs. Fran Ormand, Visual Arts Department chair

"The English department at LuHi continues to foster an environment of challenging yet supportive learning. Through a variety of texts ranging from Shakespeare to modern literature our students are honing their critical thinking skills while being encouraged to write thoughtfully and creatively in a wide range of genres. Despite the challenges of online learning, our teachers are engaging the students through synchronous and asynchronous class meetings, fun activities such as delivering dramatic speeches on flipgrid and other interactive platforms. We may be remote but we are together – way-to-go English teachers!!" - Mrs. Jennifer Grene, English Department chair

"The resource department is small but mighty and filled with caring teachers and helpful testing room proctors who always go the extra mile to help students thrive. The relationships they build with each student allow them to know when to support and when to pull back to enable independence and lifelong learning.  During the months of online learning, the resource department continues to support those students with specific learning needs by establishing new organizational tools and time management strategies as well as assistance with virtual assignments.  Their supportive demeanor has only been highlighted during this time as our students successfully navigate this uncharted territory.  Many thanks to our amazing resource department for their consistent hard work and dedication! You are loved and you are appreciated!" - Mrs. Angela Loomis, Resource Department chair

"The Mathematics Department is made up of hardworking, experienced, and dedicated teachers. The teachers provide the latest up-to-date curriculum for the students to prepare them for standardized tests as well as college-level work. At this most difficult time of online learning, the teachers have used their knowledge and ability to provide the best mathematics education the students could receive. All the teachers of the Mathematics department continually accept every challenge presented to them with grace and generosity of spirit." - Mrs. JoAnn O'Brien, Mathematics Department chair

"The teachers in the Social Studies Department take our vision of exposing the students to multiple perspectives extremely seriously. They aim to develop a student body that is empathetic and courageous. This goal is not easy as all the teachers utilize various techniques to engage the students in lessons that build skills and focus on topics from ancient history to modern history with a mix of economics. They strive to help the students understand that their skills for analysis will ultimately make decision making more logical in an ever changing world.  During our time of online learning, teachers have continued to develop student skills, guided by their organized and thoughtful lessons. The Social Studies Department teachers of LuHi continually do an amazing job preparing students to succeed in high school, college and beyond!" - Mrs. Denise Merkle, Social Studies Department chair

"The mission statement of LuHi is to help students grow and mature in "body, mind, and spirit." The core value of spirit is the guiding force for teachers in the Religion department, working in each class to grow our students' knowledge of God through faith based lessons. Through personal reflection as well as group activities and discussion, teachers function as guides, mentors, and role models. During our time of online learning, Religion teachers have shown their continued dedication to faith-building while remaining connected to our student body. Each of these teachers thoughtfully connects with students, and is a blessing to our school community." -Ms. Jean Benincasa, Religion Department chair

"Our LuHi Science teachers remain dedicated to both teaching and supporting our students as we navigate through this period of online learning!  The Science teachers are working to make creative, relevant lessons for our students while sharing the material that we love and are so passionate about.  Through screencasts, Zoom meetings, simulations and virtual learning activities, the science department is committed to making sure that students get the most out of their science experience whether in the classroom or learning from home.  Many thanks to an amazing group of teachers who use their diverse content backgrounds and educational approaches to give our students a strong science foundation that benefits them while at LuHi and prepares them for their future." - Mrs. Sharon Norelius, Science Department chair

"The teachers in the Business/Computer department take our vision of developing leaders for the future very seriously. The teachers engage the students in everything from public speaking, to developing their own businesses and products, to writing code and developing their own video games - and do so in an engaging, collaborative environment! During our time of online learning, students continue to develop their skills, guided by their caring and dedicated teachers. The Business/Computer Department teachers of LuHi continually do an amazing job preparing students to succeed in high school, college and beyond!" - Mrs. Kara Martone, Business/Computer Department chair

Teacher Appreciation Week Video

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