Thanksgiving Invasion

My most meaningful Thanksgiving would most definitely be the Thanksgiving of three years ago in 2016. This Thanksgiving was very special to me because it contained various memories and many surprises. It all began on Thanksgiving Eve when my cousins came over to my house all the way from Connecticut. Most of my family was already at my house and we were having a really fun time, so it seemed like Thanksgiving had started early for us. Late at night, my cousins and I were all playing video games and watching movies until they went back home at around 11, and I went to bed shortly after. The next day was Thanksgiving. My family and I watched the Thanksgiving Parade in the morning and we all ate breakfast and played music while some people were still cooking food. In the afternoon, my uncle surprised my cousins and me by taking us out to the movies and then to the park to take pictures and fly his drone. By the time we returned to the house, I was very tired so I took a nap and then I woke up to the sound of multiple people talking. I got out of my bed and found a full house of almost all of my family members. Since everyone was gathered together, we all began to eat the food that had been prepared. The food was delicious and it was worth the long wait. After dinner, we watched youtube videos on the AppleTV, played games, and watched football. Although most of my Thanksgivings are very similar to this, it was very special to me because the fun activities that led to the actual day made the holiday worth the wait.

By: Dillon Charlton '22
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