Welcome to LuHi, Ms. Reynolds!

We are thrilled to introduce Ms. Allyson Reynolds, who joined the LuHi teaching faculty this December. Ms. Reynolds is currently teaching 6th grade Religion, middle school Health, and Physical Education on both the middle school and high school level. Read on to get to know Ms. Reynolds a little better!

Where did you grow up? 
Carle Place

Where did you attend college? Adelphi University, where I studied Physical Education. 

Where did you attend graduate school? The College of New Rochelle, where I studied Gifted and Talented Education.

What do you love about Middle School/High School? I love the conversations you can have with middle and high schoolers. You can talk “real world” situations, and middle/high schoolers have interesting and funny ideas about the future. 

What are you most looking forward to as you step into the role of teacher at LuHi? Forming relationships with the students I will be teaching, and joining the LuHi family after working in the LuHi Summer Program 16 years ago. 

What do you hope your students learn through your class? To learn to work together in a positive manner, and communicate with their peers better than they did before they took my class. 

What are your interests outside of teaching? My children and husband, traveling, reading, running, bike riding and playing sports.

What is a little known fact about you? I have been called a pit of worthless knowledge on more than one occasion!

Which of LuHi's core values (Christian love, excellence, community, family) most resonates for you and why? I would say family because I had been home raising my children for six years before I started working again. 

Where did you teach prior to LuHi? I taught at Portledge School for 11 years, and I was a substitute teacher at East Rockaway Junior/Senior High School last year. 

What is your favorite book? Why? The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo because I literally could not put it down! I love thrillers and suspense and this certainly had both!

What is your favorite holiday and why? Memorial Day because it is the unofficial start of summer and I love all things about summer - the sun, the warmth, shorts, sandals, and especially the longer days. 

We like to refer to our caring school community as our "LuHi family". What is one characteristic or memory of your own family that you would like to share? I am one of four girls, and my dad used to take us all camping in the summer with my uncle and cousins. My mom and aunt didn’t love sleeping in tents so it was a week with my sisters, dad, cousins, and uncle - and a little less rules! I am planning on taking my children to the same campground this summer for them to experience a few nights of sleeping in a tent and good old nature!
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