Yearbook Club Captures A Unique Year at LuHi

A major aspect of the LuHi experience occurs after the last class ends each day. LuHi's clubs and extracurricular activities provide students with the opportunity to pursue interests, make connections with peers and faculty, and develop leadership skills. This week, we highlight one of LuHi's longstanding clubs - Yearbook!

LuHi's Legenda Yearbook has been produced yearly since the beginning days of LuHi in the 1960's. Each student and faculty member receives a copy of the yearbook each year. Mr. Joseph Baumgarn and Mr. Daniel Kielbasa are the co-advisors for the Yearbook club, which meets twice a week throughout the school year to prepare the yearbook for publication.

Like many things in the 2020-21 school year, the reality of COVID will have an impact on the Yearbook. According to Mr. Baumgarn, "We are looking at a few things that are different this year with Legenda. The book itself is going to be structured more chronologically so that we can be more straightforward with covering events in the book as they happen through the year. It also makes it easier to address needs if certain events suddenly won't happen and pages would need to be filled. We also have a group of remote learners that have been very active and patient as we figure out how best to get them involved this year."

LuHi's Yearbook is run by student editors. This year, the Legenda editors are Kristen '21, Selina '21, Felicia '21, and Jasmine '21. According to Kristen, "As one of the yearbook editors, my goal is to create a yearbook that shows the spirit of LuHi and highlights the unique qualities of our students." Selina shared that she originally joined the Yearbook because other friends told her how fun it was, and she confirms that they were right! She shared that her goal this year, as one of the editors, is to make the yearbook "as great as the ones that were produced in past years." 

In addition to student editors, the club is open to students in grades 9-12, and this year, it is also open to remote learners. According to Kristen, "Our club will feel different this year because some of the members will be working remotely rather than in person. We will have to find ways to work together to achieve our goal." One remote learner, Serafina '23, agreed and explained that is going pretty well so far: "I think Mr. K and Mr. B have done a great job including us in our weekly meetings and hearing our ideas. As a remote learner, the amount of work I can do from home was limited at first. However, we have changed a few things about how we download our photos so that we can edit them from home."

Inevitably, the Yearbook will look and feel unique this year, given that this is a very "different" school year. Serafina shared that they can't take any large group photos, like they would in past year, and Selina mentioned that the uncertainty around athletics teams and seasons could impact that section of the book. Mr. Baumgarn explained, "It will be interesting to see if rules are changed throughout the year, how photos of students will change in the chronological book. Since each event at school has to be adjusted this year to follow COVID circumstances, we cover these events as they come and are therefore automatically documenting the year and what has changed."

Through it all, the club plans to push ahead and create an amazing book for the LuHi community. Jasmine shared that her goal this year is to "adapt to the changes that were caused by the pandemic...and play around with this year's theme so we can have a book that is unprecedented!"
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