An Educational Community

Long Island Lutheran is an educational community that emphasizes knowledge and intellectual discovery while helping students develop the moral framework by which to live their lives.  A rigorous liberal arts and sciences curriculum challenges students to think creatively, solve problems analytically, and communicate effectively.

The Middle School program provides the stable and supportive atmosphere necessary for students to excel in English, math, history, science, world languages, and the arts.  With a respect for diverse learning styles and interdisciplinary teaching, the middle school program is infused with cooperative and exploratory learning experiences, allowing students to flourish in an environment that recognizes the developmental needs and interests of early adolescents.

High School students are encouraged to pursue a level of study appropriate to their individual abilities, interests, and personal growth.  Honors classes are available to students who demonstrate superior achievement in the core subjects.  A wide range of Advanced Placement courses allow students to advance more rapidly, explore subjects more fully, and prepare for the rigors of college work.

Beginning with the Class of 2018, interested students will be able to select from one of two different paths, either academy or academy honors. Academies will be offered in subject areas like STEM, Leadership and Communications, Allied Health Sciences, Social Science, and Arts and Humanities. Classes already in our course offerings will be paired with new innovative coursework to fill out the curriculum within each academy. For more detail of the Academy Model click here.
We believe that learning outside the classroom is vital to a well-rounded education.
Through annual European tours and a study abroad opportunity in Australia, our high school students have many opportunities to extend their study of history, people, and cultures.

Proficiency in technology is essential to promoting digital-age literacy and preparing students to succeed in an ever-changing world.  LuHi teachers embrace all that technology has to offer, finding new and innovative ways to engage students in the classroom.  Placing technology assets in the hands of our students gives them access to vast information resources, as well as tools for collaborative learning and creative thinking and communication.  Through the power of technology, students are no longer confined to the four walls of a classroom, but are part of the global community.