Visual Arts

The mission of the Fine Arts Department is to promote artistic self-development in a respectful environment. In the Visual Arts Department, this is encouraged through an emphasis on creativity and mastery of skills.

Our Arts Festival is an end of the year exhibition that highlights the art work from all classes and celebrates the creativity and accomplishments from the year. The Art Lab students each have a featured exhibit at the Arts Festival in May.

Our Middle School students have several opportunities to participate in the Visual Arts. In 6th and 7th grade, all students take one semester of Visual Arts. Starting in 8th grade, students can choose to take a full year course, Fundamentals of Art, to fulfill the Arts requirement.

In High School, students choose from a broad range of course offerings. Courses offered include Introduction to Art, Computer Graphics, Drawing & Painting, Photography, Murals & Street Art, and Ceramics & Sculpture. Art Lab, an independent study course, is offered to qualifying seniors.

Here at LuHi, I am involved in many creative classes like Ceramics and Sculpture, as well as Art Lab where I get to express myself through art. My art teachers have led me throughout the years on my creative journey, and now I am sure that I want to pursue a creative career in the future. I cannot thank them enough and will remember to visit them after I graduate.

Maria ’22

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