Our Middle School

Fostering growth. Nurturing character.

Middle school is an exciting time full of growth and transformation. As a parent, you want to see your child supported not only academically, but also socially, emotionally, and spiritually. You want to know they’ll be prepared for the rigorous academics of high school, and that they’ll be able to manage their time and responsibilities, becoming more independent and mature.

LuHi serves grades 6-12 by design. We prepare our middle school students for our high school experience through a seamless transition to more rigorous academics, varsity sports, and leadership opportunities. Our middle school encourages students to take on more responsibility and practice conscientious decision-making. Below, you’ll find a brief overview of what we offer, including:

Middle school environment matters. Where will your child thrive?

A culture that’s all about community.

Middle school can be a challenging season as pre-teens learn to navigate social pressures and demanding schedules. We guide our students through this transitional time by:

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A tradition of service.

LuHi operates in Christian love, and one way we express this is through serving others, locally and globally. Through service projects or the school-wide Meal Packing event, students learn the significance of service before self.

Learning compassionate leadership.

Through various roles and responsibilities in student organizations, student-led chapel services, and playing team sports, LuHi middle school students learn valuable soft skills such as empathy, listening, and patience.

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Individualized guidance.

All middle school students are assigned a guidance counselor dedicated to offering academic, social, and emotional support. Small class sizes mean students are seen and known by their teachers.

Fostering healthy relationships.

Each LuHi grade has a retreat experience, which provides an opportunity for students to deepen their faith through worship and devotion, and to bond with peers and mentors.

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Get the best feel for our middle school program and all we have to offer. 

My daughter has been challenged in her academic classes and, in meeting those challenges, she has become so much more confident. Through extracurricular activities, she has had the chance to become friends with kids in all the grade levels and the upperclassmen have taken her under their wings and have provided true friendship and mentorship. She has made amazing friends who she loves dearly and who are truly there for her. Everyone says Middle School can be a such a difficult time, and while that is unquestionably true, being at LuHi has made it a joy to navigate these years.


A Solid Academic Foundation

Our middle school’s core curriculum — English, Math, Religion, Science, Social Studies, and World Language — is intentionally designed to prepare students for the more rigorous content they’ll see in high school and college. Small class sizes mean individualized instruction is available. For students looking for something more challenging, middle school students have access to high school level courses. For a week in the spring semester, students participate in Beyond Boundaries, where they take two mini courses in subject areas that are interdisciplinary, collaborative, and fun, such as Living the Lego Life, Into the Wild, and Adulting 101.

Leadership Opportunities

Middle school students are encouraged to take on leadership roles and responsibilities in student clubs and organizations, including student government, weekly student-led chapel services, National Junior Honor Society, and the Middle School Buddy Program. 

Enriched Learning

The middle school core curriculum is complemented by music, physical education, and visual and performing arts, as well as a number of electives, including Choir, Concert Band, Dance, Focus classes that teach soft skills, STEM, and Strings. Student clubs include FIRST Lego League Robotics, coding, jazz band, Peace Group, science club, and more.

Competitive Athletics

At LuHi, student athletes can compete at three different levels – Middle School, Junior Varsity, and Varsity. Through our 19 sports teams, students gain confidence and learn lessons in self-discipline, determination, cooperation, and teamwork. 


Ready for the demands of high school.

Everything we do at LuHi is designed to help your child thrive. The result? Our middle school students are confident, responsible individuals who are ready for high school.

Advisory Program

All middle school students are assigned a guidance counselor for academic, social, and emotional support, and work with their counselor each spring to determine their courses for the next academic year. Focus classes work on soft skills that will benefit students in high school, career, and life.

Block Schedule

LuHi’s block schedule allows students to have varied classroom experiences, which helps with engagement and content mastery. Starting in 7th grade, students switch classes, and in 8th grade, they’re held to a higher standard as they start taking on more leadership positions.

Beyond the Bell

LuHi’s after-school program for middle school students, Beyond the Bell, encompasses clubs, athletics, help with homework, and more, all in a supervised environment. Beyond the Bell involves theme days and special projects, and allows students to build relationships and connect with all the opportunities available to them after the school day ends.

A Safe Place to Learn and Grow

Student safety is our top priority. We have two campus safety officers on duty Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. All staff members undergo background checks and visitors are required to check in. We have a team of school counselors with the resources and training to provide emotional and social support for students.

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