LuHi Art Students Debut New School Mural

Our first-ever Murals And Street Art class recently completed their mural and signed their names by their artwork! Located in the hallway between the commons and the Visscher Gym, the mural is a visual representation of our school year them “Rooted to Grow”.

Mrs. Piazza taught the semester-long course, and shared the following about her class: “Our Murals and Street Art Class brainstormed what about LuHi was special to them and special to the school. Students thought about their time and experience here, paired with researching the school website and thinking of our theme for this school year, “Rooted to Grow.” From there, students researched different murals they liked, and then they started coming up with their own ideas for how to incorporate components of those murals into a mural for LuHi. Students chose the wall together, and then combined their ideas to create a final version. They made a to scale drawing, researched supplies needed, and gridded their drawing on the wall to keep their proportions accurate. Students also met with Mural artist, David Popa, via zoom to ask him for his wisdom and advice for how he would tackle painting a big wall. His tips and tricks of the trade really gave the students confidence with their plan.”

Murals and Street Art is a elective in our Visual Arts department. It runs once each semester, and our current students will plan and implement a second mural that will debut at the end of the spring semester.