LuHi Celebrates the Arts at the Annual Fine Arts Festival

LuHi Valedictorian and Salutatorian

LuHi’s Fine Arts Festival, held this past weekend, was a resounding success for our students from the band, choir, orchestra, and dance programs. Led by talented instructors and showcasing a wide range of artistic disciplines, the festival celebrated the remarkable talents nurtured within the LuHi community.

The band, under the leadership of Mr. John Rodis, showcased their musical prowess with captivating renditions of “The Great Locomotive Chase” by Robert Smith and “Rumble on the High Plains” by Michael Sweeney. The band concert also featured performances by the jazz and drum ensembles, which highlighted the students’ improvisational skills and rhythmic precision.

Dr. Kageki Nagao led the orchestra, which delivered harmonious melodies during their performance. The string ensembles, alongside the chamber ensembles from both middle and high school, demonstrated their dedication and talent through renditions of remarkable pieces. Notable performances included “It is Well” by Philip Bliss, arranged by Matt Riley and featuring a cello solo by Chloe Findlay ’23, accompanied by Ynah Delamerced ’23 on the piano. The orchestra also delighted the audience with renditions of enchanting compositions like “Merry Go-Round of Life” by Joe Hisaishi, arranged by Devin Kaneshiro, and “Over The Rainbow” by Harold Arlen, arranged by Bob Cerulli.

The choir concert, led by director Dr. JimmyLee Brown, featured the MS Choir, Gospel Choir, Choral Performance Troupe, and HS Choir. The choir’s repertoire included uplifting renditions of timeless classics such as “Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel,” “Hallelujah, Salvation and Glory,” and “For Just a Little While,”.

In addition to the musical performances, LuHi’s visual arts were also prominently featured. Mr. Joseph Baumgarn and Mrs. Kristen Taylor curated an exhibition in the cafeteria, showcasing the impressive artistic creations of all visual students in grades 6-12. Among the highlights were the portfolios displayed by the talented senior art lab students, providing a glimpse into their artistic journeys and accomplishments.

LuHi’s Fine Arts Festival was a testament to the dedication, talent, and hard work of the students and their instructors. The event celebrated the vibrant arts community at LuHi and served as a reminder of the profound impact that art and creativity have on our lives. Congratulations to all the performers and artists who made this festival a remarkable success!