Mrs. JoAnn O’Brien

LuHi Role: Mathematics Teacher/Mathematics Department Chair, joined the LuHi faculty in 1996

Education: St. Joseph’s University, Brooklyn, BA; Fordham University, MST in teaching and Mathematics

Other professional experience: I have been teaching Mathematics for 54 years. I have taught every course from 7th grade through College. I taught a 4th grade mathematics class for three years while teaching high school math. I also taught on the college level for 8 years.

What I love about my role: I love the content, and seeing the students understanding it. I love being around young people and building a relationship with them especially with the students who need extra help. I love being Head of the Mathematics Department because I love mentoring new teachers and helping the Mathematics department continue to improve. I love being the Mathletes coach, seeing the students get excited after the competition and discussing the answers.

Family: I have two daughters, one is a 4th grade teacher and the other is a psychologist. Both my daughters are adopted from Korea. My husband is retired after 41 years as a financial officer in the auto industry. I have two grandchildren. Outside of school, I like tap dancing, Bowling, Knitting, Scrabble, Holiday decorating and Reading.

Awards: I have won three awards for my teaching. I am the Dowling College/News 12 Educator of the Month, 2007-2008, The Nassau County Mathematics Teacher of the Year 2010, and the Lutheran Schools Association Teacher of the Year 2007. I have also won the Randy Abbe Christian Service award 2016.

What I love about LuHi: I love teaching at LuHi because it is a most supportive environment. The administration respects experience and is supportive of new teachers. I love being around the students and building a relationship with them. I love when I see them understanding the material and enjoying learning and being in my class. I love the diversity of the school population.