Celebrating the Class of 2024

graduates throwing caps in air

On Saturday, June 15, LuHi held its 61st Commencement Ceremony celebrating the Class of 2024. The Visscher Gym buzzed with excitement as family, friends, and guests of the graduating class awaited the commencement ceremony for the graduating seniors.

The Class of 2024 selected Joseph Baumgarn as this year’s commencement speaker. In his address, Joseph humorously recounted his attempts to complement seniors by using their slang—words like “lit,” “fire,” and “tough”—only to find they were a bit embarrassed. Despite this, he conveyed his genuine pride in their achievements and expressed heartfelt wishes for their success as they embark on their journeys to college and beyond. Joseph’s speech was a representation of the power of relationship-building between faculty and students at LuHi.

In her reflective speech, Ella O’Hara, the Salutatorian of the Class of 2024, reminisced about simpler times in elementary school, drawing parallels to the bucket-filling activities that brought joy to her and her siblings. From collecting rocks to playing games and exploring secret spots, she highlighted the importance of embracing what brings happiness, even as one grows older. She challenged the notion of maturity, advocating for the continuation of fun and laughter into adulthood. Ella urged her peers to let go of embarrassment and judgment, emphasizing the significance of living life to the fullest. As she thanked her teachers, friends, family, and classmates, she expressed gratitude for the memories and experiences that have filled her bucket to the brim.

salutatorian speaking
valedictorian speaking

Valedictorian Eileen Choi shared her gratitude for the supportive community at LuHi, including friends, family, faculty, and the administration. She reflected on how often she found herself saying, “I can’t wait” for the next break or milestone, only to realize that by constantly looking forward, she missed appreciating the present. Eileen emphasized the importance of living in the moment and recognizing the blessings and opportunities provided by God, urging her classmates to cherish their current experiences rather than rushing toward the future. She concluded with a call to embrace the present, congratulating the Class of 2024 for their achievements.

Luke Bassarath and Lia Martinez, the 2024 Pro Deo et Schola Award winners, offered the final prayer of the ceremony. The Pro Deo et Schola award is presented to the senior boy and girl who exemplify a Christian life in school and their home churches, and is the highest award presented at LuHi.

The ceremony concluded with a receiving line down the main LuHi hill, where students hugged and high-fived their teachers. The class gathered one last time on the LuHi field to celebrate their graduation with a light reception and plenty of photos and hugs with family and friends. Congratulations, Class of 2024!