Dr. Kageki Nagao

LuHi Role: Teacher (Orchestra), joined the LuHi faculty in 2000.

Education: The Juilliard School, Bachelor of Music; The Juilliard School, Master of Music; Stony Brook University, Doctor of Musical Arts

Other professional experience: I work at USDN Summer Camp for the Arts during the summer as a conductor and double bass lead teacher. I also was selected to conduct the SCMEA (Suffolk All County) Division 3 orchestra in 2018

Hobbies: Besides playing the double bass – playing the guitar, eating healthy, and hunting the Loch Ness Monster

Family: My wife Jeanine is a horn player and teaches brass instruments at LuHi. We have two cats and four rabbits but no kids

What do you love about LuHi? The quality of our students and the administrative support