Mr. Joshua Tendler

LuHi Role: Teacher (English), joined the LuHi faculty in 2023

Education: Northwestern University (2007), with Departmental Honors alongside acting as an RA in Art History. I earned my MA and PhD from Penn State between 2008-2014. I was the recipient of The Kelly Award in 2009 and taught more than 25 undergraduate courses while pursuing my degrees. I have had scholarly work published in Studies in American Fiction as well as C19: The Journal; Penn State—Postdoctoral Fellowship.

What I love about my role: I feel privileged to be able to teach English because it helps students develop critical reading and communication skills for their collegiate and professional careers while, more importantly, building students’ sense of spirit, hope, well being and compassion.

Previous professional experience: I have taught English in a range of institutional contexts since 2008, including undergraduate and high school.

Hobbies: I’m a member of the American Daffodil Society (The ADS), so I’m a serious plant flower and tree person despite living in the city! I enjoy baking bread and cooking for the household. And I’m a big Chicago Cubs fan!

Family: My fiancée Katie and I recently got engaged (July 8) at The Metropolitan Museum of Art to a loud round of applause and are now planning our wedding.

What I love most about LuHi: I can’t wait to teach and learn from LuHi students and offer them what I can on their journey! And I am thrilled to be able to work with the extraordinary administrators and faculty I’ve met so far.