Ms. Paula Oyarce

LuHi Role: Teacher (Spanish III, Spanish IV and AP Spanish Language and Culture), World Language Department Chair, joined the LuHi faculty in 2015

Education: Stony Brook University, Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Language and Literature and Adolescence Education – Spanish (Cum Laude); SUNY Old Westbury, Masters of Art in Teaching, Adolescence Ed: Spanish.

What I love about my role: What I love most about teaching Spanish is that Spanish class goes beyond learning the language. We are able to learn about the cultures of the various Spanish-speaking countries. Learning about culture provides us with the opportunities to make connections between the cultures of Spanish-speaking countries and our own. Students are able to develop intercultural competency and value the language, the cultures, and the diversity that surrounds us. Learning another language is also a powerful tool to have in today’s world.

Hobbies: Being outside, going on bike rides, and reading.

Family: Married to LuHi’s art teacher, Mr. Baumgarn. Also, I was born and raised in Chile. Spanish is my first/native language. I moved here in my late teens.

What I love about LuHi: building relationships with the students. Our students are incredible individuals. I have learned so much from my students and I have had the privilege to get to know them outside the classroom through our service trips, field trips and school events.