Ms. Vicky Miciotta ’10

LuHi Role: Teacher (English Department), English Department co-chair; joined the LuHi Faculty in 2016

Education: Loyola University Maryland (2014), Bachelor of Arts in English w/ minor in Art History; CUNY Brooklyn (2020), Master of Arts in Secondary Education – English 

Hobbies: running, traveling, hiking, arts & crafts (knitting/embroidery/etc.); Interests: literature, animals & science, outer space

What I loved about my LuHi student experience: My sister and three of my cousins (including Ms. Calimopulos) also went to LuHi. I have a dog named Pickles and I got her when I was in 9th grade (at LuHi!). I am still close friends with my core friend group from 6th grade. When I was a student at LuHi I felt truly loved and cared for by my teachers, and I sought out that same experience and feeling when I moved on to undergrad. I also loved that I could be involved in so many different groups and activities, and through those I was able to explore and cultivate my passions.

What I love about LuHi: First and foremost, I love the students here at LuHi. It’s a special connection for me because I was once in their shoes and know how meaningful and enjoyable the experience can be. As an employee, I like that I can continue to use and cultivate my knowledge/talents in different areas to move the school and camp forward and get the best out of our students.’