LuHi 7th Grade Science Fair Showcases Student Research

LuHi Valedictorian and Salutatorian

On Tuesday, May 16, LuHi held its 7th Grade Science Fair in the Ammerman Gym. The event welcomed parents, students, faculty, and staff to explore an array of impressive projects and engage with the young researchers.

Under the guidance of their dedicated teacher, Ms. Emma Cleary, the 7th graders were given the freedom to select topics that piqued their interest. Ms. Cleary emphasized the importance of choosing something they were passionate about. Before finalizing their topics, students had individual meetings with Ms. Cleary to ensure the feasibility and measurability of their projects. Over the past two months, students were provided with dedicated class time to work on their projects and were accountable for meeting three distinct benchmarks. At each benchmark, they met with Ms. Cleary to review their progress and make any necessary adjustments.

The students had the opportunity to present their projects to judges who evaluated their work using a comprehensive rubric. In addition to scoring, the judges asked the students a variety of insightful questions, such as how they came up with their project topic, what research they conducted, what their favorite part of the project was, and what they would do differently if they were to complete this research project again.

The LuHi 7th Grade Science Fair not only showcased the students’ scientific knowledge and research skills but also provided a platform for them to enhance their presentation and communication abilities. The LuHi community members that were present at the fair were impressed with the students’ enthusiasm, curiosity, and thoughtfulness throughout their research process.

The Science Fair was an immense success, thanks to the hard work and dedication of both the students and Ms. Cleary. LuHi continues to nurture a passion for science and encourages its students to explore their scientific interests.

For more about the fair, check out our Instagram post as well as this video on TikTok.