LuHi Celebrates College Week!

Each November, LuHi’s Guidance Department hosts a College Week. Trivia, raffles, and a day to wear college shirts are just part of the celebration. The counselors also use this week to encourage seniors to complete their applications and submit to the colleges of their choice, and to get underclassmen thinking about where they might want to study when they graduate LuHi. 

While College Week is a fun week with for the LuHi community, college preparation and guidance is not limited to one week in November. See below for all the ways that our guidance team supports students throughout their LuHi career!

Middle School

Mrs. Kelly Walters, middle school guidance counselor and co-director of our Guidance Department, shared the following:

“In middle school, we stress the importance of developing strong study skills and setting goals that will help students achieve success. We emphasize that the habits they develop in middle school will impact their experience in high school and beyond. In addition to these lessons, it is important that we give kids the opportunity to think about their own “beyond”.  What are their goals for their future? 
While some middle school students have not yet begun to think beyond middle school, others may have already mapped out every step to their dream job!  This is what makes middle school the perfect time to start talking, thinking, or maybe just dreaming about college! This can be a time of exploration and discovery without all the stress connected to the application process. Encouraging students to find out where colleges are located, attend events on college campuses, and root for college athletic teams are all fun ways to connect middle school kids to the college experience.  
Additionally, every year our 6th grade students participate in College Exploration day, a fun day dedicated to exploring colleges and learning about the admissions process. The goal of this program is to get students excited and curious about college rather than stressed and anxious!”

High School

Mrs. Kim Kuck, high school guidance counselor and co-director of the Guidance Department, shared about how high school students start preparing for the process of choosing a college as early as 9th grade: 

“In high school, we work with students as early as 9th grade on exploring the idea of college and potential majors. The school counselors visit the Freshman Seminar classes to explain what it means to be in high school, and how their high school journey helps prepare them for college. 
As students progress through high school, the counselors continue to meet with students to encourage them to strive for their very best, not just academically but also in their areas of interest as well. In 11th grade, each student and their family are invited to an individual conference with their child’s counselor. These conferences are the unofficial kick-off to the college process. The purpose is to get students and their parents/guardians thinking and talking about all the important aspects of college. 
Throughout senior year, the counselors meet with each student individually and in group settings to assist in finalizing college lists, submitting applications, and much more! We offer seniors the opportunity to meet with college representatives (via Zoom this year) so they can learn more about specific colleges and open a dialogue with the representatives. Counselors offer LuHi seniors support all year as they are accepted to colleges and choose where they want to study.”