LuHi Team Serves in Puerto Rico

College Board Female Diversity Award for LuHi

LuHi students and chaperones spent their February break in Puerto Rico on a mission trip. The students and staff worked extremely hard on a variety of tasks to serve the local Puerto Rico community.

2 of the work groups worked on helping to put a second floor of a man’s house by carrying cinder blocks and laying them in to make the walls with concrete. They also helped to build a septic pit for a family’s new home by building walls of cinder block and mixing and pouring concrete. It was tough physical labor but the students did great in the heat and at times, rain. A branch off group also went and helped to paint the inside of a house for a needy family. All these projects were set up by a pastor in Puerto Rico that has helped to reach out to poorer neighborhoods to help them rebuild after the various hurricanes that have gone through the area. All of the people that received help were very appreciative and worked alongside our students and the students built relationships with them, and our students were also able to practice their Spanish!

Another group helped to finish the concrete work of a room added onto a church that we had connections to in Puerto Rico. They mixed, hauled and poured the concrete to build the pillars for the room structure. The students also helped do side projects of refinishing numerous outdoor tables for the church. They also built strong connections to the pastor of the church as they worked with him.

LuHi mission trips are annual traditions. Past trips have been to Mexico, Nicaragua, and Houston. We look forward to sending out a new group of LuHi missionaries in the future!