Middle School Makerspace Opens at LuHi

LuHi Middle School students now have a new option for socialization and recreation after they finish their lunch. The LuHi Middle School Makerspace is here! This fun, creative space for students in grades 6-8 launched on March 28th.

The Makerspace came to life after LuHi’s Middle School Counselor, Mrs. Kelly Walters, had conversations with several students about desiring something fun and creative to do during their lunch period. She shared, “Makerspace is a place for middle school students to come to during lunch to socialize, be creative, and have fun.  The idea came from a couple of students looking for an alternative to the cafeteria setting.”  

Makerspace activities vary by day. Some days, the students play games like Trivia, Pictionary, Charades. Other days, they engage in problem-solving challenges and have opportunities to be creative. For example, on Wednesday, April 6, students were broken into four groups. They received 5 plastic cups, a rubber band, and a few pieces of string. They had to use the supplies to create various towers and complete challenges with the cups – but couldn’t touch the cups with their hands!

Middle School students in makerspace
Mrs. Walters explains a task in the Middle School Makerspace
Middle school students hard at work in the makerspace

So far, the student response to the Makerspace has been fantastic. Over 30% of Middle School students have signed up to participate in the Makerspace in the first two weeks. Mrs. Walters shared, “The goal is to provide students with an outlet for encouraging positive social interactions and developing healthy relationships to help build a stronger middle school community.” So far, the Makerspace is accomplishing this goal – and more!

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