Schedule a Shadow Day

We would love for your student to join us for a day in the life of a LuHi student. This is a great opportunity to meet future classmates and learn first-hand about the LuHi experience.

I am so excited to show future LuHi students the real atmosphere here at the school. The friendships I’ve made along the way have impacted me so much and I’m so proud to say that my group of friends and teachers have shaped me in so many crucial ways.
I would love for my everyday life at LuHi to be brought to an incoming student because they can really gain a better feel of what LuHi really is about. I think coming to a new school is always so difficult because you don’t know if you’ll make friends or if you’ll love your teachers. I’d love to make my shadow comfortable and happy about their decision to come here.

Current LuHi Student