LuHi’s New Classroom Wing

LuHi is thrilled to announce that the complete renovation of our main classroom wing began in late summer 2023! The new Academic Wing at LuHi will provide students and teachers with state-of-the-art instructional spaces and a cutting-edge Innovation Center. The overall design will elevate the connection to nature found in our beautiful campus surroundings.

Classroom Rendering LuHi renovation
Hallway Rendering LuHi Renovation
Rendering of STEM classroom LuHi


Thanks to several key, generous leaders and with the approval of our Board of Directors, LuHi will begin a renovation of our main classroom wing in the late summer of 2023!

LuHi strives to educate young people with excellence in the present and must actively plan for how to do so in the future. Our Board approved a strategic plan, entitled Shine, in February of 2020. Shine includes four main goals to accelerate our movement towards a thriving future. The second goal of our plan is titled “Inspired Spaces”. Throughout the planning process, our community acknowledged that, while we have a beautiful campus and many incredible learning spaces, we also have buildings and areas that are in need of an upgrade. We then made a key decision to invest in a campus master plan. This physical plan, in support of our strategic plan, took over twelve months to complete and investigated all needs and potential opportunities across our 32 acre campus. A renovation of our main classroom wing – the 100 and 200 hallway area – was identified as the priority project. 

The result of this work will be breathtaking. Our 31,000 square foot classroom wing will serve as LuHi’s core academic hub for decades to come. Modern, bright, flexible classrooms will allow students to collaborate while feeling inspired to grow in body, mind, and spirit. A state of the art HVAC system will provide consistent temperature control to maximize comfort and focus. I wholeheartedly believe that LuHi will be home to the premier classroom wing in all of Long Island!

We are blessed to be partnering with Zubatkin Owner Representation, a firm that specializes in supporting all aspects of capital projects. Zubatkin has been a phenomenal resource for LuHi, guiding us through the architect selection process and advancing discussions with the Town of Brookville. You can review the firm’s extensive client list, as they have partnered with reputable schools, community organizations, famous museums, theaters, and more. We are in great hands!

Although the construction project will impact movement and classroom settings during the 2023-2024 school year, we will work in close partnership with Zubatkin to ensure a smooth and minimally disruptive experience. Our commitment to excellence in teaching and learning will continue as we find new and innovative ways to utilize our buildings and grounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the new Academic Wing enhance teaching and learning at LuHi?

The interior renovation of the Academic Wing will provide new, modern, light filled and climate controlled instructional spaces for the Middle and High school. Our premier learning spaces will include all new finishes, furniture, and the latest technology.

New classrooms, flex spaces and breakout rooms will be energizing for learners and teachers alike. They will support focused and collaborative learning, enhancing interaction and opening up new possibilities for interdisciplinary work. The cutting-edge Innovation Center will bring Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) together and expand robotics and engineering opportunities. 

A new elevator ensures access between the Administrative and Academic Wings in line with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) regulations.

What is the anticipated schedule for the project?

  • August 2023        Initial mobilization and site work
  • September 2023  Anticipated construction start
  • Fall 2024             Anticipated Classroom Building interior renovation completion 

The hours of construction are, as permitted by the Village of Brookville, 8:00AM to 6:00PM Monday to Friday. More details will be provided as our construction schedule is formalized.

Will tuition increase due to the renovation?  

Tuition will continue to follow a variable model and increase incrementally over time following inflation and best practices in tuition management. This project is funded through the generosity of our community and with the support of The Lutheran Church Extension Fund.

Media Kit

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