Strategic Plan


Since LuHi opened its doors in 1960, we’ve been educating and shaping compassionate, well-rounded young men and women through a Christ-centered, rigorous academic program, and a kind and nurturing community.

Today, we have a strong, established culture of extraordinary family — a “Lighthouse of Love.” From here, anything is possible. We are poised in every way to do more and better as we cast our eyes toward the future.

Shine is a strategic plan that accelerates our collective movement and lights the path towards a thriving future. Our vision demonstrates an inclusive, ethical, equitable, and loving approach that unleashes the potential of each individual’s mind, body, and spirit.

Core Working Group

John Buck ’02 (Head of School)
Paul Homer (Board President)
Karen Hallock (Board Member)
Thomas Holcomb (Board Member)
Darryl Ramsey (Board Member)
Jessica Raba ’98 (Assistant Head of School/Principal)
Jane Lottes (Head of Advancement)
Janna Kalin (Director of Admissions)
Chris Reno (Assistant Principal of Student Life)
Daniel Kielbasa (HS Teacher/Faculty Representative)
Kara Martone ’03 (Director of Technology and Communications)
Andy Mozenter (Consultant, Concentrics)

Steering Committee

(Includes members of the Core Working Group)
Thomas Schreckinger ‘20
Chloe Jones ‘20
Gaurav Ajmera ‘20
Felicia Wen ‘21
Stacie Reid (LuHi Parent)
Allison Sweeney ‘83 (LuHi Parent)
Kelly Walters (School Counselor)
Christina Raiti ‘12 (Assistant Athletics Director)
Amber Browning (World Language Teacher)
Rev. Mark Herbst (Association Pastor)
Sheldon Bassarath ‘86 (LuHi Parent)
Paul Hinsch ‘70 
Danielle Lemieux (LuHi Parent)
Laura Bauer (Former Board President)
Frank D’Angelo (LuHi Parent)