LuHi Stories

I have been educated in mind by my teachers, body by my coaches, and spirit by the campus pastors.

Dylan ’22

Everyone here is so kind and supportive. When I came here without any knowledge of English, teachers and students were always eager to help me.

Maria ’22

Coming to LuHi, I feel as though I didn’t know my full potential. Over time, people would tell me that I possessed a leadership quality that I didn’t know I had.

Isaiah ’22

My teachers always give me support – not just for academics, but for my life.

Sally ’19, Bentley ’23

My first memory at LuHi is the 9th grade retreat – this was the best bonding experience and the best way I made friends as a new student.

Arielle ’22

I am so passionate about being a teacher and cultivating that same relationship, community, family-like feel that LuHi has.

Liz ’15

Going back to LuHi doesn’t just mean going back to school and studying, but also reconnecting to the place that inspires and supports me. It feels fantastic to be back.

Felicia ’21, UC San Diego ’25
International student posting for picture in classroom

I love the school, I love the program. It’s a great place to be…this school means alot. This school has helped me over my entire four years. I’m really happy I’m here. I came to LuHi for the support and the love that they show.

Andre ’20

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