Growing up, I spent days on end “playing school”. One summer, my sister and I proudly taught our younger brother how to multiply and sent “home” a weekly report to our mother and father. I vividly remember the satisfaction we both felt when he “got it”!
Fast forward decades later, and I still find myself jazzed about school, waking up each day ready to observe and support as young people “get it”. As the years since my days “playing school” have accumulated, my definition of its purpose has grown and shifted. Multiplication is still important, but it’s certainly not all of what makes school the place where young people and their teachers spend countless hours!

So, then, Why school?

In our ever-changing world, it is hard to know what’s coming next. Several articles over the years have shared lists of jobs that didn’t exist x number of years ago, and catchy lists of what employers are looking for as they welcome new employees to the workforce. It is incumbent, therefore, on schools to be places where the content (like multiplication) is the vehicle to solving larger problems, using know-how and skill to seek solutions, engage in civil discourse that pushes thinking, and work with others to leave the world better.

Why LuHi?

At LuHi, our “why” goes beyond academic learning, beyond our fine arts and athletics. Coupled with these three “A’s”, we view each child as a gift from God, each with God-given talents and abilities, some of which have not yet been realized or cultivated. When students enter our doors, we welcome them into a community grounded in faith, where our academics, arts, and athletics support students in finding their unique passions, indeed, their calling. From sixth through twelfth grade, we partner with students and families on a journey of self-discovery, as students become the compassionate, educated leaders this world so desperately needs.
On behalf of the LuHi community, welcome! We look forward to partnering with you on this journey.
With God’s Hand in Ours,

Jessica Raba
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Long Island Lutheran Middle & High School is a Christ-centered, college-preparatory school whose mission is to glorify God by educating young people in body, mind, and spirit.