Collaborative Teaching and Personalized Experiences: LuHi’s Interdisciplinary Department

LuHi Science Students

At Long Island Lutheran Middle and High School (LuHi), learning goes beyond the limits of individual subjects. The Interdisciplinary Department represents the power of collaboration and practical education. Read on to learn more about what makes LuHi’s Interdisciplinary Department a unique and valuable aspect of students’ academic journey.

Strength in Unity

LuHi’s Interdisciplinary Department is a meeting ground for teachers from different subjects. These educators join forces to offer courses that combine insights from various fields. Each year, teachers contribute fresh ideas for new courses, while students collaborate with counselors to create a diverse lineup of engaging subjects. From business realms like Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Sports Management to Sports Medicine, Forensic Science, Multimedia Journalism, and more, LuHi’s interdisciplinary courses provide a taste of real-world roles and career possibilities.

Notable courses like Freshman Seminar, Communications in the Real World, Personal Finance, Introduction to the Stock Market and Investing, and International Relations expand students’ knowledge and skills, preparing them for the challenges of the future.

Graduating with More than a Diploma

LuHi graduates emerge from the Interdisciplinary Department equipped with practical skills and a deeper understanding of the world. Interdisciplinary courses are firmly rooted in real-world connections. For instance, Freshman Seminar aids new high school students in developing skills vital for their coursework. The Personal Finance course tackles projects like retirement planning, helping students make informed future decisions. Sports Medicine courses impart knowledge in identifying and responding to sports-related injuries.

These courses hone transferable skills, aid in pinpointing future college programs, and guide students towards potential career paths. Importantly, some students realize their true interests by exploring various areas, a discovery equally valuable.

Middle School Exploration

LuHi’s middle school experience is about discovery. In 6th and 7th grades, Focus courses nurture organizational skills, study habits, and class participation, vital for success in middle school years. Alongside these, performing and visual arts courses spark creativity, and an 8th-grade STEM course offers an introduction to coding and related skills. These exploratory interdisciplinary courses enrich the middle school core and help students identify their interests as they make their first foray into high school coursework.

High School and Beyond

Freshmen embark on their high school journey with the cornerstone course: Freshman Seminar. This course ensures a smooth transition, focusing on communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and “soft” skills crucial for high school and beyond. Engaging topics like typing instruction and coding further enrich this year-long experience.

From 10th grade onward, students have greater flexibility in choosing interdisciplinary courses aligned with their goals and schedules. School counselors play a pivotal role in guiding students and families towards meaningful coursework, nurturing their evolving interests and passions throughout high school.

Special Courses: A Closer Look

The AP Capstone program, consisting of AP Seminar and AP Research, stands as a highlight. Unlike traditional subject-based courses, AP Capstone fosters critical thinking, research, collaboration, time management, and presentation skills – essential for college-level work.

AP Seminar delves into cross-curricular discussions, dissecting academic and real-world complexities through divergent perspectives. On the other hand, AP Research empowers students to explore an academic topic of their choice in depth, fostering research skills and independence.

Additionally, the Sports Management course immerses students in the world of sports careers. From expert panels to campus events, this class cultivates a range of transferable skills.

In Conclusion

LuHi’s Interdisciplinary Department embodies a commitment to holistic education, merging subjects and real-world applications. With collaborative teaching, practical courses, and personalized experiences, LuHi propels students towards a future where their skills and passions converge, leading to success in both academic pursuits and real-world endeavors.