Ms. Linda-Lee Beauman ’14

LuHi Role: Associate Director of LuHi Summer Programs

Education: Hofstra University, Duel Degree in Elementary Education & STEM (Phi Beta Kappa, Leader of the Pack Award)

What I love about my role: LuHi is such a strong faith based community that emphasizes quality & integrity in all that we do. It’s so rewarding to know that my day to day work is impactful in maintaining those standards, as well as pushing our mission forward.

Previous professional experience: Internship at Walt Disney World!

Hobbies: Exploring Long Island, Assistant Coach of Varsity Wrestling, Traveling, bucket list item: visit every US State & National Park

Family: One of 6 siblings, all of whom graduated LuHi.

What I loved about LuHi as a student: My years as a LuHi student were truly magical. The opportunities I had to get involved throughout the community were endless – I never had to choose between certain extracurriculars, but rather was encouraged to explore a variety of experiences, all of which significantly contributed to my well-rounded LuHi education.

Since graduating high school, I’ve come to learn that the enjoyment & excited I experienced in going to school everyday is not a universal truth for all students. As my LuHi peers can attests too, those feelings were standard within our community.