LuHi is Breaking New Boundaries

Long Island Lutheran Middle & High School, a faith-based, college preparatory school, is excited to announce their LuHi Arts Academy opening this upcoming fall 2021. The LuHi Arts Academy offers classes for children and adolescents of varying levels and abilities.

Serving students from 6th-12th grade, our Saturday enrichment program provides an exceptional education at an affordable cost. Our program allows students to explore a new hobby, further grow in their artistic talent, and unlock a true passion for the arts. LuHi has created an environment where our students can develop their skills while making friends with like-minded interests during these personalized courses.

With our small class sizes, students are able to get the individualized instruction necessary to grow in their craft.With our highly-skilled instructors, exceptional course offerings, and unique program structure, students can progress, grow, and learn in their field of interest throughout the year. Our trimester approach allows students the opportunity to explore different projects within one particular discipline or pick and choose from a variety of art enrichment track options during the year. 

Discover the LuHi Arts Academy today – visit our website at