LuHi Students Receive Awards at Honors Convocation

LuHi Pro Deo et Schola

LuHi held its Convocation Chapel on Wednesday, May 23, to recognize the outstanding accomplishments of its students across various disciplines. The ceremony, attended by students from all grade levels, was particularly significant for graduating seniors who were honored with awards in Academics, Arts, and Athletics.

Among the highlights of the Convocation Chapel were the Student Life Awards, which were presented to six deserving seniors. Michael Bruno, Kimberly Becht, Naeem Hawkins, Serafina Bruchhäuser, Samuel Rieber, and Sumayya Spann were recognized for their exceptional contributions to student life and their positive influence on their peers.

Another noteworthy accolade, the Athletics Primus Awards, was presented to Isabella Zingoni and Brandon Tapia. These seniors demonstrated remarkable skill, dedication, and sportsmanship in their respective athletic pursuits.

Stella Bizekis and Sumayya Spann were named as the valedictorian and salutatorian, respectively. Their outstanding academic achievements and commitment to their studies set them apart as exemplary students.

The Convocation Chapel reached its pinnacle with the presentation of the highest honor, the Pro Deo et Schola award. Chloe Findlay and Raoul Estinvil were the distinguished recipients of this prestigious accolade. The Pro Deo et Schola award, which is reserved for one senior girl and one senior boy, recognizes individuals who have demonstrated outstanding leadership skills and made a significant impact on student activities. These exceptional students also exemplify the values of Christian life within the school community and actively participate in church activities.

In addition to student accolades, the Convocation Chapel also recognized the contributions of LuHi Math Teacher, Jon Klemp. Klemp was awarded the Randy Abbe Christian Service Award for his commitment to LuHi over his 15 year teaching career.

The Convocation Chapel at Long Island Lutheran Middle & High School provided a fitting platform to honor the achievements and contributions of its students. From academic excellence to artistic endeavors and athletic prowess, the event showcased the remarkable talents and diverse accomplishments of the graduating class, as well as the achievements of our underclassmen.